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It Makes You Think

“What have I always told you about liberals? Well, many things, I know. They categorize people. They make moral judgments on people on the basis of surface matters. They don’t see the humanity of an individual. They see the skin color; they see the sex; the gender; the orientation [; the political views]. And from there they make their judgments on people.” — Rush Limbaugh

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History and Wisdom

I have learned early on in my life, that those of the past, and many of those that have lived longer than me can teach important lessons in life.  Experience and history is the worlds best teacher of what works and what does not.  Unfortunately, most of society, in its self-centered arrogance, tends to ignore […]

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MIT Scientists Baffled by Global Warming Theory, Contradicts Scientific Data

TG Daily – MIT scientists baffled by global warming theory, contradicts scientific data http://www.tgdaily.com/html_tmp/conte… What?!! You mean Al Gore was wrong about mankind being the cause of climate changes? Say it isn’t so. Just say it isn’t so… Obviously more funding must be acquired and more testing be done as this goes against every pre-conceived […]

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