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America’s Economic Armaggeddon: The Perfect Storm

by Sandy Stringfellow One of my favorite books was written by Milton and Rose Friedman, and is titled “Free to Choose.” It was the offspring of Friedman’s “Capitalism and Freedom,” first published in 1962, and a T.V. series shown on PBS in 1980, also titled “Free to Choose.” William F. Buckley, Jr., the acknowledged father […]

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The Nation Destroyer and His Shadow Governments

Those that know me and have read my blogs have heard me pipe up about the damage the Progressives have done to this nation for the past hundred years.  Unfortunately, it goes much deeper than that.  A process that had originally been started by other (now dead) individuals has been championed by many over recent […]

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Too Darned Funny

Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, and Stu Bregier of The Glenn Beck Radio Show on “America’s Third Most Listened To Radio Show” have some laughs at the expense of the Democrats AND Republicans as many Tea Party backed candidates removed the establishment backed candidates from office in the November 2, 2010 election.  My favorite one is […]

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