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Michelle Malkin » Stuck on stupid: Obama’s czar fetish

Michelle Malkin » Stuck on stupid: Obama’s czar fetish http://michellemalkin.com/2010/06/15/… In his widely-panned, bloodless Oval Office address Tuesday night (did I call this last month or what!?), President Obama tapped his Navy Secretary Ray Mabus as the new oil spill recovery czar. Doesn’t he have enough to do leading the Navy? More to the point, […]

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Our Humble Apologies to The United Kingdom

Recently, the jackass the slight majority of voters in the United States of America voted into the office of President (you know, the one that didn’t have any executive experience, that said he was going to “repair our image in the world” etc.) did what no other President in our history has done to date.  […]

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