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The Cowardly Character Assassination Of Sarah Palin

The Cowardly Character Assassination Of Sarah Palin — Michelle Malkin — GOPUSA http://www.gopusa.com/commentary/mmal… Sunken ships loosen bitter lips. The failed McCain campaign, for all its high-minded talk of honor, duty and courage, is now teeming with unscrupulous gossipmongers. Seems the dishy staffers forgot to crack open their copies of Sen. McCain’s bestseller, “Character Is Destiny: […]

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I Just Had a Star Wars / Obama Epiphane

I was somehow in the twilight zone and some how Star Wars then the Presidential election swirled together.  Then I snapped back to reality when I saw something in my mind that turned me cold. Everything in Star Wars, and about the old republic and such can be likened to what is happening today.  First […]

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