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Christianity Vs. Islam & The Truth About Israel and Palestine

Steven Crowder and Glenn Beck shed some light on something the left may not understand… that inconvenient thing called The Truth. Israel Versus The World

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The Truth About Gaza You Won’t See on CNN

Frequently your hear on the news and by the left about the so-called “repression” of Gaza by Israel.  This video uses video and audio proof as well as undeniable fact that this is a lie, and those involved know it is.  What you have been seeing, hearing, and reading from the main-stream news is carefully […]

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Israel Has Every Duty and Right To

People are going insane.  Most of them are socialist liberals without a doggon clue about the world.  The veritable arm-chair “thinkers” that don’t have any idea what the real world is like. [This Article has been re-written, and dedicated to “Inside_passage”] You see, I had written this very long, yet far too truncated, history of […]

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