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Only Obama Is Better Off

By Michael Reagan via GOPUSA The only person I know who is better off today than he was four years ago is President Obama. He’s making more money, living in a bigger house and playing more golf. And when his wife goes on a shopping spree with her girlfriends, it’s to Spain on the taxpayer’s […]

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The Sticker Culture

Has your child ever come home from school with a “participation trophy?”  Do you know someone who thinks they are entitled to something?  Do you know someone who whines and complains about how things “aren’t fair?”  Well my friends, the latest installment of “The Oval” with “President” Beck ought to interest you: Here is the […]

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Our Humble Apologies to The United Kingdom

Recently, the jackass the slight majority of voters in the United States of America voted into the office of President (you know, the one that didn’t have any executive experience, that said he was going to “repair our image in the world” etc.) did what no other President in our history has done to date.  […]

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