TERRORISM Hits Fort Hood

I am going to say the truth and not what cow-towing liberal press is trying to spout about the Fort Hood terrorist.  Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is a perfect example of a domestic Islamic terrorist.  A man with ZERO battle experience does not have any sort of "trauma" or "stress" to calmly and carefully shoot people while shouting "Allah Akbar!" ("God [of Islam] is great") at a military base.  Let's call a spade a spade, and stop trying to deny Islamic terrorism is still a problem.

He is a cold-blooded murderer, plain and simple.  He was no different than someone strapping bombs to their chest and blowing themselves up in a public square.  It was a cowardly act.  It was behavior his superiors knew he supported and envied.  Yet, he was promoted recently to Major.

There is no draft.  He was not forced to join the Army.  He joined of his own choice.  He also had the legal option to protest any orders to go to a war he did not approve of.  He also had the option of being honorably discharged as such.  No, he chose to murder 13 people and try to murder nearly 40 others!  This means he knew what he was doing, planned what he was going to do, and did it, knowing full well the consequences of doing it.  I hold no compassion for him.  I make no excuses for his behavior.  I say shame on any news organization or government entity trying to spin this into something else to support their agendas.

My compassion, prayers, and best wishes go to the real victims in this terrorist attack.  To the news agencies spinning this into something it isn't (CNN etc.), I say "SHAME ON YOU!"

people are dead because we take the multi-cultural airbrush to blur and
obfuscate the critical frontline of the ideological battle against the
pathologies driving our enemies.

" –
Mark Steyn

24 Responses to “TERRORISM Hits Fort Hood”

  1. What Huckabee did was rooted in a fundamental misunderstanding of forgiveness and a misdirection of compassion (he was a preacher once).  Forgiveness has nothing to do with denying justice its due.  I’m going to get a bit religious here, but even Jesus Christ himself had to satisfy justice (through spiritual and physical suffering) in order to have the right to dictate his own terms instead of the laws which limited man from returning to God or “heaven” as most consider it.  He satisfied the demands for God’s justice (not secular justice) and thus he can dictate new terms for us.  (Yes, I stuffed about three hours worth of religious discussion in one paragraph, sorry)How does this relate to Huckabee?  He isn’t Jesus Christ and he has no right nor authority to claim his forgiveness is sufficient to deny justice its due.  Jesus said to forgive others, but he never said to deny Caesar his justice, in fact he said “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s…”.  In simpler terms, he said to obey the law of the land.  It wasn’t just about money.The law stated the length and degree for punishment for criminals.  This punishment was deemed valid and worthy of not only a jury of their peers, but also a judge who personally witnessed the trial.  The punishment was also a protection to the innocent population.  Huckabee allowed his misplaced personal feelings to circumvent justice and put the public in danger.Whether a person can be reformed or not is not the issue, yet some people want to make it so.  Actions have consequences.  Crime requires justice.  If you commit a crime, then you must give justice its full accounting.  Whether you are reformed or not during that punishment isn’t applicable.  The punishment is for what you did and who you were when you did it, which carried consequences.  If you are reformed, then you won’t do it again when your punishment is complete AND you will have an understanding and respect for why you must be punished.  Anything else isn’t reform, just a means of an easy way out to deny justice.Think of it this way, let’s say someone abused your children.  They must be punished.  You forgive them, but you don’t ask them to babysit.  While in jail they “reform” and truly decide to live the rest of their lives away from children (recovering alcoholics don’t live near liquor stores either) when they get out.  Their genuine sorrow and regret lets them realize that serving out the punishment is a consequence for an action they willingly and consciously made pre-reform is necessary, a “baptism” to cleanse ones self of the need to give justice its due.  It is a truly repentant person that knows they are getting what they deserve.As a religious man, I believe we all must forgive, for our own good and well being.  Nevertheless, we cannot and must not deny justice.  Doing so disrespects Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.Personal interactions (not involving anything dictated by the law) means you decide the justice, thus you can choose to consider mere forgiveness justice enough.Wow, a rare occurrence, we have a fundamental agreement here…. spooky.  

  2. [this is good] As far as that fundamental agreement goes, I’m sure you’ll find it in more than one place, but since the issues we agree on aren’t the most current of events, it won’t be noticed. It wasn’t a joke when I referred to myself as a ‘Tweener, many of my views come from both sides of the fence, often with a radical overhaul in attempt to cut the partisan b.s. that infests these issues.

  3. Let it be known I hate both parties as they are right now.  I think they are all just varying degrees of “progressives”.  (Speaking of those in power) Democrats are “progressives on steroids”, and Republicans are “progressives on Sominex”.  Both are completely corrupt and many are complete idiots without a clue.I will always say I am a constitutional conservative, and will stick to my beliefs and principles over any party loyalty, something Newt Gingrich hasn’t a clue about.  It would be nice if the Republican party would obey its founding charter of conservatism, but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting.

  4. [this is good] Hear!  Hear!

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