Conservative News: Coulter – Wouldn’t A Mini Series on Attila the Hun Explain Nancy Pelosi?

34 Responses to “Conservative News: Coulter – Wouldn’t A Mini Series on Attila the Hun Explain Nancy Pelosi?”

  1. Don’t worry, the handicapped stall is reserved for you.  You might have to jiggled the handle.

  2. one ‘d’ too many lad. Anything from you but genuine engagement on the issue at hand, eh? You’re a fraud, pure & simple.

  3. You’re still here? The party for those full of crap is next door. I realize it can be hard to see with that ego in the way. Poor chap, they grow so full of themselves so fast that you miss the good times.

  4. keep coming back, sparky & I’ll continue to bait you.

  5. hey it looks like super sparky knows how to play your game on your level
    proof,is that what you asked for,…watch the news,read the papers,everything obama claims a mandate for,is in fact a lie,the majority have so far not approved anything of obama’s,at least 51% and sometimes up to70% have stated disagreement with obama’s policy up to and including the present problem in arizona,its amazing a million people march on washington and he ignores them,a couple of thousand act like animals at the arizona state capital and he’s got another mandate……….is violence really the answer to the problem,does a bale of tea need to be thrown threw the whitehouse window.

  6. Yes, Neil, we know.  You are the Master-Baiter.  You’re a legend all to yourself.

  7. much more adept at this art than you’re ever likely to be, ‘sparky’ 😉

  8. Kenny, Sparkmeister is just another clone of you. Ideologically driven, incapable of looking beyond his own limited horizons and a believer in whatever he’s dished up by his preferred political masters. Nothing new there. I’ve only ever come across one American Repub voter who was able to qualify their stance and she was far and away more elucidatory than you pair could ever be. 🙂

  9. Yes, I bet being a Master-Baiter requires a lot of concentration, a real hands-on attitude, and a complete desire to skip all the hodgepodge and get right to the climax of the discussion.I still think the kazoo would have been the perfect match for you.  Noisy and annoying, but very easy to play.

  10. you’d need a mind alert to the multitude of variables that exist within any argument regarding politics. Sadly, you don’t have that vital requisite. Just like Kenny-boy.

  11. Oooh, Neil is getting angry.   Awwww

  12. and how do you divine that gem, Sparky? I think you’re amusing, but hardly annoying. Like Kenny-boy, you’re just another in a long line of chuckle-bunnies who pretend to be something they’re clearly not. I only respond to you because you keep on responding to me. That’s funny. 🙂

  13. Your turn!  WEEEE!

  14. it’s a hoot, yes?

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