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Show a Little Backbone You Weenie!

Dear Delicate Liberal Snowflakes

Want to know how far Hollywood went down the crapper in the past 40 years?  This video from the TV show Dragnet, has an excellent treatese on what was happening then with Vietnam war protests, but can also be applied perfectly to Trump election protests, in fact any liberal whining and complaining: These are things […]

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They Speak a Thousand Words

Another in the series of pictures and videos that say it all. Pictures Videos Also See: The Kitchen Cabinet Townhall

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The Sticker Culture

Has your child ever come home from school with a “participation trophy?”  Do you know someone who thinks they are entitled to something?  Do you know someone who whines and complains about how things “aren’t fair?”  Well my friends, the latest installment of “The Oval” with “President” Beck ought to interest you: Here is the […]

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Why Progressivism and Liberal Ideals are Destined for Failure

Behold! The results of liberal indoctrination and why wealth redistribution and entitlement programs NEVER work…

A woman with 15 kids (and no spouse) complains that people around aren’t doing enough to help her – even though her rent, food and furniture have all been covered by good Samaritans and the government.

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Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla Explains The Occupy Movement Masterfully

WARNING!  STRONG LANGUAGE! Adam Carolla, comedian and radio talk show host, expresses his views on those members of the Occupy movement (and those on the left in general).  I couldn’t have said it better myself (except with maybe less colorful metaphors).

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Another Day, Another Federal Assault on Liberty

Limbaugh: Another Day, Another Federal Assault on Liberty By David Limbaugh July 30, 2010 7:10 AM Yesterday’s federal court decision to enjoin enforcement of the Arizona immigration law is the latest example of a virtually unchecked renegade federal government waging war against the states and against the liberties of its citizens. We’ve seen that Obama […]

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Progressive Versus The Conservative

If a conservative doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one.If a progressive doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.  If a conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat.If a progressive is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone. If a conservative is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.If a progressive is […]

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Limbaugh: They’re All Obama Liberals Now

GOPUSA » Commentary » Limbaugh: They're All Obama Liberals Now http://www.gopusa.com/commentary/2010… Liberals have a learning disability when it comes to the impracticability of socialism. They are so steeped in the seductive lies of false compassion that no amount of logic, history or everyday experience registers. Thus, they continue to burden the market system to an […]

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Will America Follow Greece? — Star Parker

Will America Follow Greece? — Star Parker — GOPUSA http://www.gopusa.com/commentary/spar… It's perfectly clear that big-government, welfare-state policies drove Greece into bankruptcy and that the path on which our own Democrat-controlled government has put our nation mirrors where Greece and other European welfare states have gone.

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The United States of America Before Progressivism

My good readers.  We've been scammed, hoodwinked, and lied to.  The USA you see today is not the USA of our founding.  Neither are the problems most complained about today, caused by the system set up in our founding.  What you see is nearly a hundred years of damage caused by a festering boil, a […]

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