Hate is Hate, no Matter Who Says It

Black Lives Matter, the Klu Klux Klan, Neo Nazis, etc.  ALL are racist hate groups.  There is NO EXCUSE to justify them.  Each group hates all races but their own.  All hate Jews.

All are fascist in their approach.  None deserve the time of day, nor our attention.

We are all human beings, and it doesn’t matter who our ancestors are, where in the world they were born, and it doesn’t matter what our facial and bone structure is, nor our skin color.  We are all human beings.  We all have strengths, weaknesses, and talents given to us by God.

Every group in history has their shameful history.

Slavery?  It’s not an American anomaly.  Slavery has been a part of world society for thousands of years, and to this day it still goes on.  ALL RACES have (and are) suffering under this horrible practice.  To claim your group hold exclusive rights to complain about it shows great selfishness and ignorance.  Whites, Asians, Africans, Europeans, Native Americans, Jews, etc. all have been enslaved at different points in history.  To claim your group deserves special attention because of the past, shows very little knowledge and very little understanding of history and reality.

Let’s talk about a few

Africans, the most well known of the generally ignorant.  The African slave trade had AFRICANs selling slaves in Africa.  There were Americans and Europeans buying African slaves.  There were even Africans in America buying and owning slaves.  Oops, can’t tell that truth, as it wouldn’t follow the false narrative of black exploitation.  The first slave owner in America was a black African named “Anthony Johnson”, long before the USA ever existed, and he owned four white indentured servants and one black.

The Irish, hated by the British and early British American colonists.  The Irish were treated just like the Africans.  Kidnapped from their homes, brought on ships to serve British masters in America.  The only difference was they were called “indentured servants” that only got set free if they “earned” their freedom.  Forgetting the fact they didn’t earn nor deserve enslavement in the first place.

Whites in Rome.  Only Romans had citizenship and many whites were sold as slaves in Rome and even older Greece.  In fact this slavery was widely accepted as normal.  Most of it was young boys parents would sell to rich Romans to be used as homosexual sex slaves.

Whites now.  Young boys and girls of European descent (whites), are kidnapped and sold into the sex trafficking black markets of the Middle East and Asia.  This white slavery has NEVER ENDED.  It still goes on.

Jews in Egypt.  It’s well documented the Jewish people were enslaved by Egypt for hundreds of years.  This was hard labor slavery.

Jews now.  We know of Adolf Hitler and his holocaust, but during this, Jews were tasked with hard labor to build for the Nazi’s (as slaves).

Africans now.  Africa still has slavery.  Many tribes invade and capture prisoners of other tribes to use as slaves.  Children are forced to work in mines for battery companies.

Hispanics now.  Drug kingpins of Central America have crews of slaves to till their crops.

Native Americans, like tribal Africa, regularly enslaved those of conquered tribes.  In fact, many young white girls were captured slaves and forced to become tribal wives.

Where does it all start?  It starts from hatred, evil, and very bad traditions.

This will NEVER stop as long as one group despises and hates the other, no matter the group.  Just stop it!  Grow up!

Let me interject some math.  Let’s just talk about America.  The black population is about 12%.  Do you think you will EVER enslave or “punish” the other 88%??  Get a grip.  Also, because many freed blacks owned black slaves in the old South, and the first black slave owner in America was a black man, you’ll have to look to your own group for so-called “reparations” before you can even dream to have a case for others.

The past is the past.  Get over it, deal with it.  Stop listening to the people lying to you claiming you are a victim.  You can do anything you want in your life, if you work hard.  Don’t try to convince me your race prevents it.  We just had a black president!

What I find so amazing is the very group of people that started a movement to end slavery (the Republicans) are the ones you accuse of racism.  You literally are taking marching orders from the very group that were slave owners in the first place, and created racist laws, the Democrats.  I am amazed how they have told you to go to Hell and yet you are looking forward to the trip!  These are the same people that formed the Klu Klux Klan!  What the hell is wrong with you?

One Response to “Hate is Hate, no Matter Who Says It”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Sparky.

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