The Lies of a Leftist

The Economy and “Rich People”

Leftist Propaganda

Um folks, the stock market holds every American’s 401K, IRA among many other things. In fact, more “average Joe’s” own stocks via a second party than anyone like Warren Buffet.

Socialists are trying to push the false narrative that the “Stock Market” is only “Rich People’s” financial health. There’s a good chance your own investments, retirement, and bank accounts are bolstered by stock ownership.

If someone is using envy and getting you to covet something that you did not earn, then that person is lying to you, and wants power of their own. Promising free stuff is the oldest tyrannical trick in the book. Government can never ever force “charity” and expect it to work long term. It always fails, because nobody feels charitable in the process, but instead feels (and is) ripped off. When you feel doing something extra is pointless, because the results of it will just be taken away, is where the lie of “redistribution” falls apart.

Forcing people to do anything will fail, no matter how good the intentions, nor heavy the desire for it to succeed.

The fact is, the leading cause of death and poverty throughout history has been government sanctioned confiscation “for the good of the People”. In just recent history, over 200 million people have died as a result of the “redistribution for the good of the people” (Mao’s China, Stalin’s USSR, Cuba’s Castro, Venezuela’s Chavez, North Korea’s Un, Germany’s Hitler, and much more) all for a failed lie designed to gain power and control. Note, they all confiscated weapons, promised “Universal Healthcare”, “Redistribution of Wealth”, “Fairness”, so-called “Social Justice” and practiced strict “allowed speech” and punished anything they deemed “offensive”.

The Individual Makes a Prosperous Society, not a Collective:

The Good of The Collective People” is Lucifer’s great lie, in fact it was his first lie, and he’s fooled many over and over, especially those choosing to ignore blatantly obvious history. It’s also how Holodomers and Holocausts start.

Freedom is risky, and you can’t be lazy, but overall, it does allow goodness to flourish. Next time you deny that, think about man’s technological leaps since a free society and open market was the liberal new idea (the USA), which eventually spread to most of the world. Look at mankind’s development before it. Freedom allows anyone to excel, if they have the determination to do so. Freedom includes the right to determine your own destiny, and to reap the benefits of your labor. How much has technology benefited man?

Charity Cannot be Forced

Real charity only works when both parties are blessed by it, the giver and receiver. Take away the personal interaction, you lose the desire to give, and those receiving have no appreciation for the givers (it’s just free stuff to them). Ask anyone that donates to a charity or helps out personally, if they do it in hopes it helps that person out of the jam they are in, instead of enslaving them to the handouts for the rest of their lives. People give to charity as a hand-up not a handout.

Charity is originally God focused and espoused by religion, and even the atheist Penn Jillette claimed charity only works when both parties are enriched by the transaction. Government “charity” is never enriching. How many of you feel thankful at tax time?

Charity is not a government’s job, nor duty. That is your personal, and freely chosen duty.

The “Universal Healthcare” Swansong

“What about Healthcare”?

What about it? It’s already controlled by government. How’s that going? So you want government to control it even more now? Are you stupid? Want to fix Healthcare? Get government’s grimy regulating, and controlling fingers out of it. Restore competition for insurance and doctors. Require transactions to be just like any other, with up front pricing and first party only payment. Let the consumer pay and deal with insurance for reimbursement. Third party payment and shielded costs are what drive up prices. Expose the system, free it up, and don’t regulate it.

When a hospital is forced to expose their pricing up front (like any other business) and forces you to choose between them and their competitor, prices WILL go down, especially if you are the one directly paying for it.

There is nothing currently “Free Market” in Healthcare right now. Healthcare is “Crony Capitalism” which is not Free Market.
Reign in Ambulance chasers. Make frivolous lawsuits cost the lawyer and Plaintiff money, when frivolous. Usually, 1/2 of your doctor bill covers Malpractice Insurance costs.

It’s Good To Care and Have a Heart

Everyone needs to be charitable, but it must be done personally and freely. Rather than handing your hard earned money to a bureaucracy you cannot trust, how about you personally be charitable? I guarantee you will be edified and so will those you are helping.

Governments, bureaucracies, and agencies don’t care. It’s more money for them. Stop depending on them for your happiness. Happiness is your personal responsibility.

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