Why The Second Amendment Was Written

The leftists try to justify taking away guns from law abiding citizens by claiming “safety” and blaming mentally deranged actions of (usually leftist people) on guns.  The idea that taking away guns from the law abiding will make things safer is moronic.  First of all, criminals are criminals because they break the law.  Criminals will always have guns, even in gun control nations.  All gun control does is raise crime, because there is nobody with a gun to oppose the criminals.  Gun control places the innocent at risk.  Detroit, Chicago, New York, all leftist controlled cities, have strict gun control, and yet have the highest crime rates.

Why do you think the deranged and criminal minds choose so-called “gun free zones” to carry out their massacres?  It’s because they know the law-abiding people there are sitting ducks.  It doesn’t take a genius mind to figure that out.  If school staff had guns, government employees had guns, etc., then it would be a heck of a lot harder to kill on a massive scale if someone is there to defend themselves (and others) with their own gun?

This video tells of a time in US history where the people exercised their second amendment rights and removed a tyrannical town government.  Yes, it happened, and yes, this is why the second amendment was written.

The place is Athens Tennessee.  The year is 1946.  The video tells the rest of the story.


Once upon a time, schools actually taught children (elementary) proper and safe gun usage.  Boys and girls were taught to shoot rifles and pistols, and how to safely handle the weapon.  Oddly enough, that was in a day with much lower crime.  That was in a day where, during WWII, the enemy feared directly attacking the USA with ground troops, as they said “are you kidding?  There would be a gun behind every house, car, and building.”


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