The Left is Showing Their Insanity With Their Hatred of Trump

nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersI didn’t vote for Donald Trump.  I was a Ted Cruz guy.  I’m a Constitutionalist.  Nevertheless, I am witnessing the left wing news (CNN, MSNBC, etc) going batcrap insane because of Trump, and I am laughing my butt off!

The leftists had their Obama puppet for 8 years.  They had chills go up their leftist legs.  They cheered on socialists and communists.  They cheered on terrorists, flag stompers, cop killers, etc.  They mainstreamed thuggery like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA by calling them “peaceful protestors” instead of violent terrorist thugs.  Now that a non-puppet was elected by a frustrated and fed-up electorate, they (the left) are like spoiled children not getting what they want.  I see literally no difference between the actions of the unhinged left and a whiny spoiled and screaming child.

donald-trump-wwe-hall-of-fameSeriously, this man (Trump), for years was supported by the left, given the spotlight in their entertainment shows like WWE and so-called “reality” shows like “The Apprentice.”  They loved the ratings, his “you’re fired!” catch phrase, his money, and his outrageousness.  However, the minute he "Celebrity Apprentice" Red Carpet Eventruns for office and pastes an “R” in front of his name, they go crazy chimpanzee nuts.  They have a man they cannot control, and they just cannot stand it.  I see them now getting unhinged trying to throw everything they have at him from outright lies to quacks “diagnosing” him as “unhinged” or “mentally incompetent”.

Now, I was no fan of Trump, but it’s quite obvious to me that this man became who he is by being very successful at negotiation, and manipulating the press to his advantage.  He throws a bunch of angry hornets in a the room full of reporters (without anyone noticing) and then he watches through a one-way mirror seeing the resulting comedic chaos.

The press does not, and cannot understand him.  Listen, I understand him.  WHAT?  Yep, I do.  This is a billionaire that absolutely does not need to run for office.  He’s a friggin’ billionaire!  He has no need to kiss politician’s asses, nor the presses asses.  He doesn’t need the pay.  It’s mere pocket change to him.  This alone drives the DC crowd absolutely nuts.  No need to smooze.  No need to kiss the rings of the power players in DC.  This frustrates and annoys the “swamp” to a great degree.


This is quite literally a coup on the organized crime of politics in DC.  Mobsters hate it when someone invades their turf.  They will do everything in their power to take down the usurpers.  They had a smooth running protection racket running in DC and in the press.  If you play their game by their rules, then you are protected.  Now, here’s a guy who just doesn’t care about the rules and the petty attempts at taking him out.

Everything the left and DC tries fails.  He doesn’t cave in.  He doesn’t “fall in line”.  He doesn’t support and do what they say is OK.  He’s playing by his own rules.  This I find absolutely amusing.

donald-trump-vs-cnn-2The press reports 24 hours a day like the sky is falling and that he’s unhinged and crazy.  No, he just doesn’t think like they do.  He’s doesn’t consider the press Gods and he doesn’t operate with their permission.  He quite literally walks out and proverbially flips off the press on a daily basis, and they are becoming unglued like “dissed” snobs.  It’s hilarious!

Not surprisingly, I actually see a man with testosterone acting manly when it comes to Trump.  He’s not some apologetic pussy that the left and radical feminism has turned men into.  He’s a John Wayne, a Frank Sinatra, a Clint Eastwood, a Burt Reynolds, and even a Bruce Lee.  He’s also a great father with amazingly beautiful children.  Want to see who a man really is?  Look at his wife and children.


Sure, I would have loved to have a Constitutionalist as President, but I do think with the toxic climate politics is right now, he would never have been able to get anything done.  Trump is absolutely perfect for the climate.  A brash, non-politician that doesn’t care what anyone says, and does what he promised, as that is what he wanted in the first place.  Once again, the guy has nothing to lose.  He’s a billionaire.  So why play the political game?  Just plow in like a bulldozer and do it.

trumpbulldozerIt was genius to say the border wall was going to be green with solar panels.  After I stopped laughing, knowing the leftists had to now choose between “green” energy and illegal aliens.  Damn that’s funny!

Then there’s the “Wag The Dog” show of the leftists trying to accuse Trump of Russian collaboration, when in reality, it’s the DNC with its hands bloody with espionage with the Russians AND Pakistan!

jim-acosta-cnnThen there’s CNN’s Jim Acosta screaming “LOOK AT ME!  PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” when Trump tells the press they can’t have cameras in the press room.  Their pontificating and propaganda displays of “gotcha” reporting now has no public display.  I’m still laughing at that.

170629222041-don-lemon-june-29-2017-full-169Now there’s Trump’s visit to Arizona where Trump pokes the jerks of the press in their eyes, and they can’t handle it.  What’s amazing is the press’ resulting counterattacks seem to be accusations of their own mirror reflections.  Don Lemon and Brian Stelter of CNN, for cnn-brian-stelter-800x430one, almost started crying that they are being called out for their network’s insane and childish behavior.  He called Trump “emotional” and “unhinged” by the very network populated by 24 hour a day emotional and unhinged attacks on Trump and other Republicans.  Pot-Kettle guys.

Then there comes “Trump is a racist!” calls from all over the left… by those with racism ingrained in their actions and speech, the left.


What is even more nuts is the press, that has acted purely in a fascist manner, by being the propaganda arm of the government, Obama’s government, are now accusing the right and Trump of fascism!  Amazing hypocrisy!  A little lesson:  Trying to silence opposition, trying to slander opponents, etc., using the power of the IRS to silence conservative groups, having your leftist friends in the press publishing false stories about your political enemies, etc., silencing conservative speakers at universities, are all FASCIST.


Here, the press had for months, a giant, Pulitzer Prize worthy case of governmental fraud, espionage, illegal citizen surveillance, the deaths of 4 people in a US embassy etc. all in the Obama administration, a Secretary of State violating the law thousands of times, and violating numerous espionage laws, violating top secret rules, the felony destruction of evidence, and yet the press praised the behavior instead of showing the corruption it was.  This is why the press has no right to complain, and why the press has lost any credibility it may have had.  CNN and MSNBC have shown themselves as propaganda agencies and not the press.

So I am off to pop some more corn and laugh at the press getting unhinged.


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