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How To Perpetrate The Biggest Fraud In History

Wow, what an unusual title I have come up with! I must start by saying that the title is obviously a bit sarcastic, yet in a way, serious, very serious.  It is designed to get you to think, as I did, to doubt, as I did, and to honestly question, as I did. How to […]

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Columnist Misrepresents LDS Church Doctrine and Policy

Once again, the media fabricates or misrepresents a person or group by using rumor, hearsay, and downright falsehoods to fabricate a story designed to push the liberal agenda and attempt to scare the public. Before I get into the featured article, I would like to ask a question.  Why hasn’t Harry Reid undergone this scrutiny […]

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Some Christmas Awesome

Let’s Start With The Geeky The following I dedicate to Clark Griswald.  He did this before LED lighting, when they actually had to turn on a second reactor to power his display (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation): I saved the best for last The Funny It’s certainly a time to be jolly. The Music Christmas Is […]

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