Get Rid of The Electoral College?

I hear a bunch of butt-hurt people, who need “safe spaces” and the comfort of rainbow colored flags to protect their delicate emotions, that now are whining about the Electoral College.  Something, mind you, if it had not been there, would have elected Mitt Romney and not Barrack Obama in the last election; but since their glass house has been shattered, and their bulldozer that has been ruining western society has come to a complete halt, they are crying.  All the promises of the magic Hillary fairy and their school teacher’s promises of a social utopia of peace and harmony, full of genderless restrooms, and non-offensive words, suddenly go up in smoke when the reality of what it means to live in the United States of America comes and slaps them in their delicate little crying faces.

I have never seen a bunch of people I pity more than liberals.  They have been indoctrinated out of their ability to not only deal with reality, but to also understand common sense.

Look, the one elected President is not my favorite either, but neither was Obama, but I wasn’t a whiny little baby trying to riot over not getting what I wanted.  All I see with these protests and petitions (things that won’t make a legal difference as a vote is legally a petition too), is a bunch of spoiled whiny crying brats kicking and screaming that they didn’t get what they thought they “deserved”.  With that, however, I laugh hysterically.

Anyway, I digress…

Back to the Electoral College.  I shall attempt to explain why abolishing the Electoral College is a colossally stupid idea.

A History Lesson

First a bit of history (it seems nobody taught you).  One of the reasons for the revolution from Great Britain was the tyranny of the electorate mob of England and Parliamant.  The colonists were few in comparison to the populace of Great Britain, but those in Great Britain had no interest with the hardships they were placing on the colonists.  The colonists tried numerous times to present their case, but were always ignored.  The mob rule of those in Great Britain trumped (no pun intended) any voice of the colonists.

declaration-of-independence-stone-new-630After well over three decades of the colonists asking for a voice, the colonists had enough, especially after they were at the mercy of those that did not have a clue what life was like in the colonies, but sure loved the stuff they produced.

We know the outcome of that, and thus we have the beginnings of the USA.  The states were so fiercely independant from each other, but also recognized the need to band together, so they formed the Articles of Confederation, but that ended up proving not to work.  It wasn’t a strong enough agreement.

A Constitution Was Needed

constitution_1_of_4_630So the states picked their best, smartest, and most trusted representatives to negotiate a more definite agreement, a Constitution.

These men were scholars, experts in history, governments, science, education, and religion.  They went through all types of governments throughout history and pointed out their advantages and their flaws, and WHY.

They recognized that too much government resulted in tyranny, and a reproduction of what they just fought against.  They also recognized that too little government resulted in anarchy and the rule of the mob, yes mob rule, which eliminated the rights of the individual.

They took the best of what Greece and Rome had offered, and Great Britain’s Magna Carta, tribal, Monarchies etc.  They found a Representative Republic was the best form of government that preserved the rule of law, preserved freedom, and guaranteed the sovereignty of the states (and the interests of the people in it).  The Federal government was to have a small number of duties:

  • Guarantee the defense of the combination of the union of states against both external and internal dangers. Basically maintain a nationally supported military.
  • Guarantee that commerce between states would not be impeded by a rougue state.  In other words, do not allow a state to impose a tariff on the exchange of goods between states, and anything similar.  The Federal government was to encourage interstate trade and facilitate it.
  • Make sure justice is exercised in each State, and their Governments.  This includes making sure the constitutional rights of its citizens are not violated.
  • Make laws in areas of interest that are not able to be handled at the state level, but leaving the majority of them to the States (see the 10th amendment).
  • Handle international diplomacy, treaties, and rules of international trade.

Checks and Balances

The government was to be set up as a checks and balances system.  First starting at the parliament, the founders saw the flaws in Great Britain’s Parliament and Rome’s Senate.  They knew that the government can be tyrannical, but also the mob of people can be tyrannical (like the main reason why they fought the war for).  This is why our governmental system is a “Representative Republic” with democratic principles.




They came up with an ingenious solution.  They would have two houses of Parliament.  One would be populated by representatives directly elected by the people themselves.  It would be called the “House of Representatives”.  The second parliament would be populated by representatives of each state’s legislatures, chosen by the legislature itself, not elected by the people.  This second house would be called the “Senate”.  Together they would be called “Congress”.  This would balance the interests of the whims of the people (which seriously change weekly), with the long term interests of not only the state as a whole, but the nation as a whole.  This is why both houses needed to agree before a law could be passed.



supreme1Then there is the other check, the Judicial branch.  This would be a panel of judges nominated by the Chief Executive (the President), but only approved by the Senate.  It would be the last resort, the final say for all the judicial branches of all the States.  Their responsibility is to make sure that laws are Constitutional, and did not violate individual rights.  They do not have the authority to make laws.  I repeat, they do NOT have the authority to dictate law or make decrees.  They can just say if laws are Constitutional or not, and have the authority to nullify unconstitutional laws, send back laws to the legislature for clarification of vagueness, and overturn convictions.


Finally, the Executive branch needed to oversee the affairs of the Federal government, and be the nation’s face internationally.  The chief executive would have authority many leaders have, but at the approval and subject to Congress and the Judicial branch.  All three branches of government were supposed to watch over the other.  Another check and balance.

The Chief Executive – The President

102018310-452018103-1910x1000This chief executive, a President, would have the authority to pardon offenders as a check to the Judicial branch, be the Commander In Chief to the Military, and have veto or approval authority of laws passed by Congress.  A President is not a King and has no authority to sentence nor execute anyone, nor start a war.  He also does not have the authority to make laws.  He does have limited authority to make limited executive decrees (Executive Order) that cannot be taken care of by Congress in a timely manner.  Keeping in mind Congress, and the Judicial branch, can overturn any Executive Order.  Once again, he is not a King.

Choosing the President – Popular Vote or Electoral College?

72860So how was the President to be chosen?  This was actually a very heated debate during the Constitutional convention.  The larger states wanted him to be chosen by the popular vote, but the smaller states knew that they would not be represented if that were the case, and would never be able to have a say in who was chosen.

The smaller states wanted an Electoral College, one vote per state.  Well, that pissed off the larger states saying there are more people in their states being represented.  So eventually they came to a compromise.  The Electoral College electors, or delegates, would be chosen by the States in whatever manner they choose.  However, the number of Electors each state has is determined by the state’s population.

So, the larger states, and greater population, have a chance of a greater influence, but not so much as a popular vote.  This still gave a combination of the smaller states the ability to override a larger state’s Electoral vote.  Thus a BALANCE is achieved to be in the interest of all STATES.  Since the Chief Executive is the President of the United STATES, he must have the interests of ALL states in mind, and not just the majority populace of a large state.

So, thus you have the Electoral College, and an excellent example of a Representative Republic is all about.

The entire philosophy of the forming of the USA was to protect the individual, and not the “collective”.

Fix Congress, Not The Presidential Election

We have already changed the nature of Congress and made Senators voted in by the people, thus allowing corrupt politicians with campaign contributions with a mind hold their position.  We eliminated the check and balance, and make Congress a useless two House of Representatives Parliament instead.  The 17th Amendment to the Constitution was the dumbest thing to happen to this Republic.  You can thank the Progressives for that.  The tyranny of mob rule started sneaking into the republic.

Now to get rid of the Electoral College would immediately eliminate the voice of the majority of the States and leave them to the whims of only a few large states.  Ask Western Canada how that is working out for them (Ontario’s large population basically dictates the entire nation’s policy and law).

The USA is NOT a Democracy and Never Has Been

14489398446-113a80c703-zContrary to what your liberal teachers and ignorant politicians say, this country is not, and never has been a “Democracy”.  Our founders found a pure Democracy is just as bad as a Monarchy.  The tyranny of the mob would disregard the rights of the individual.  A republic would guarantee that.

Our republic has forms of democracy in it, by voting and such, but we vote for representatives.  We do not vote for everything.

A democracy is like two wolves and a sheep voting for what’s for dinner.  They always implode.

The People are In Charge of The Government

bill_of_rights_630Now finally, our Constitution was made even more unique than any other similar document in history.  It boldly and proudly declared the PEOPLE were in charge, not the government, and that the government only had as much authority as the people allowed it.  It did not have the authority to usurp further authority.  It’s guarantee to the people that if the government got out of control, they could remove it, and thus the First and Second Amendments were created.  The second amendment isn’t for hunting, nor is it for self-defense.  Its purpose is to give the people the power to remove those in government should it become tyrannical.  The government would never have the authority to confiscate their arms.

So, you have to be some special kind of stupid if you want to get rid of the Electoral College.  How about getting rid of the 17th Amendment instead?

Read Your Constitution

There is no better way to know what you are whining about, than to actually study it yourself, and stop listening to some professor or news caster (or celebrity) with a political agenda:

I also suggest you read the writings of our founding fathers, and not the convenient snippets that those that indoctrinate using “ancient old men” try to discourage you against doing.  You will find that despite the time period, their views were timeless and not “out dated”.  In fact they were new and ahead of their time.  The results of their actions brought a world that could have the freedom to develop airplanes, telephones, computers, etc. all in such a short time frame.  The evidence is undeniable.  The technological boom the world had coincided with the formation of the USA.

Stop continuing to screw up a good thing.  Stop letting progressives ruin this nation.  Vote against their policies.  Study the consequences of them.  Stop thinking about “how you feel” and instead think about “will it work?”.

Food For Thought for Both Sides

Many many times an “Electoral College” upset has happened, usually in the Democrat’s favor) throughout history.  Imaging how history would have been different had there been no Electoral College.  First of all, Obama would have been out after only 4 years, and we’d be addressing Mitt Romney as President Romney.  Bill Clinton?  Same thing.

So, eliminating the Electoral College may have favored your annointed candidate, but in the future it may go against you.  All actions have consequences, and I know this is a difficult concept for liberals, but actions have real consequences.

Have you considered that if conservatives acted like a bunch of whiny babies like you, then what you are doing would have happened when Comey refused to charge Clinton with numerous felonies, including treason?  They may have done something when Obama was elected.  You see, you don’t get it.  You can’t see past the end of your noses and your feelings.  Stop asking yourself how things “feel” and instead ask “will it work?”  It’s the beginning of common sense and becoming a conservative.

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