Dear Delicate Liberal Snowflakes

Want to know how far Hollywood went down the crapper in the past 40 years?  This video from the TV show Dragnet, has an excellent treatese on what was happening then with Vietnam war protests, but can also be applied perfectly to Trump election protests, in fact any liberal whining and complaining:

These are things teachers and parents should be teaching, not the liberal/progressive propaganda schools and universities are indoctrinating with one, and only one, lopsided view, and calling all others wrong.  This is not the way people should be taught to think.  To properly see anything, whether it be a scientific problem or social issue, requires objectivity, and not a pre-programmed notion of what your teacher incorrectly taught you.  Teachers are supposed to teach facts, and skills to correctly judge all sides of a situation, not pre-program opinions and political beliefs.  This is the individual’s responsibility to determine their beliefs from the facts presented.

To indoctrinate children to a specific, one-sided political agenda and view is evil.  If your political view is “right”, presenting both sides of the argument in an impartial and objective manner will allow the student to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions.  Once upon a time, this is what education was.

Now days, we have people completely incapable of functioning in the real world thanks to this indoctrination.  Things such as “safe spaces” are the worst things for anyone.  This is the political equivalent of running to mommy.  This country was formed from people sick and tired of being told what to think, what to say, what not to say, what’s offensive, what’s not offensive.  The freedom of speech is the freedom to speak your mind, not matter how offensive it may be to any group of people or individual.  You have a right to offend and be offended.  If you don’t like it, leave.

Redefining the meanings of words and claiming certain words as “offensive” or “banned” is the first step to fascism.  Yes, you snowflakes, your “safe spaces” and “safe words” and other things of such nature are a part of fascism, the very word you like to use against others.  It’s irony at its finest.  So instead of crying when someone says something offensive to you, be glad you have the right to be offensive back.  You have the right to speak your mind.  You also have the right to walk away, change the channel, exit the building, whatever.  You do not have the right to remove other’s rights to listen to that person, or read their words, even if you find it offensive.  Stop being such a damn baby and grow up.

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