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The Israel / Palestinian Conflict Explained Simply

It is amazing how clueless people are about such a simple thing as the conflict involving Israel.  This video explains it plainly and simply, with historical facts… and some common sense.  Oh, and by the way, I already knew this long before this video. Another helpful video  

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The Nation Destroyer and His Shadow Governments

Those that know me and have read my blogs have heard me pipe up about the damage the Progressives have done to this nation for the past hundred years.  Unfortunately, it goes much deeper than that.  A process that had originally been started by other (now dead) individuals has been championed by many over recent […]

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Israel Has Every Duty and Right To

People are going insane.  Most of them are socialist liberals without a doggon clue about the world.  The veritable arm-chair “thinkers” that don’t have any idea what the real world is like. [This Article has been re-written, and dedicated to “Inside_passage”] You see, I had written this very long, yet far too truncated, history of […]

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